• Card Shop in a Box- 30 All Occasion Our Best Designer Collection

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    This Card Shop in a Box, is Our Best Designer Collection of 30 all occasion greeting cards featuring artist  THREE Sandi Genovese with creative pop up WOW cards,  FOUR Connie Haley with elaborate tip ons- baked on glitter and extraordinary 16 color print, SIX Sandi Genovese Accordian cards with extraordinary 3 dimensional pop ups, THREE Sandi Genovese Flip Flop cards (special paper folds) and  EIGHT Lisa Kaus with spectacular mixed media art along with SIX Sandi Genovese gift enclosure cards.

    Packaged in a unique keepsake box with 30 white envelopes, this Card Shop in a Box provides the broadest selection of America's top greeting card artist all in one convenient container.

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