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Encouragement- Hugs & Prayers #194 featuring (The Passion Translation)

Encouragement- Hugs & Prayers #194 featuring (The Passion Translation)

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#194 Encouragement- Hugs & Prayers
Artist: Jane Shasky 
The Passion Translation

Send these beautiful encouragement cards to your friends and family members. Assortment of four designs in box of 12 cards.  Featuring one of America's favorite artists, Jane Shasky from Washington State.

Card A- Sometimes we don't know what to say....Hope that's okay. We can pray. And care. And love. And especially care.    (includes Romans 8:39..There is no power above us or beneath us....that can distance us from God's passionate love.)   

Card B- Difficult times can cause us to ask- Why is this happening? ....God may never reveal His reasons, but He assures that He will never leave us in our time of need. Praying that God will walk you through this one day at a time.   

Card C- Hugs and Prayers during this difficult time....from a heart that loves and cares.   (With Jude 1:2 May God's mercy, peace and love cascade over you!- From the Passion Translation) 

Card D- During these difficult times....praying for you to sense God's comfort and strength to carry you through.   (with inspiring words...May God sustain and carry you through)


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