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Introducing...the Gracefully-Yours Scripture Cards Connection Ministry!


Your Church-wide Unity AND Outreach Ministry Is Here!


In our touch-less culture, stay in touch with a word of encouragement.


 A Special Message to the Pastor:


This is not ‘another ministry.’ You may have plenty of those now. What you need in this COVID time is a ‘ministry for ministries’--a tool you can use to tie them all together in church unity. This is it.


As a Pastor, you have a heart for deep care, bold love, and unified community to be experienced in your local expression as a shepherd for God’s glory and honor.


Our quest for the local church is to generate a lasting true ‘ripple effect’ of John 13:35 in our communities all over the United States displaying our love for the household of the faith.


In the next three minutes, I want to tell you our story and how it is helping hundreds of churches. (We want to change ‘hundreds’ to ‘thousands’ and we’re willing to do some dramatic things to get there!)


COVID ‘aloneness’ has made it vital that we all make the effort to encourage. We can pray. We can call. We can visit. All that is good. What if we can leave a lasting ‘physical’ impression of our concern?  


Now, you can help your members build visible unity and encouragement in your church in doing something they already do--send greeting cards to one another--but now we want to make sure each card has God’s Word working with the human words of empathy and care for each sender!


As one Church member said- Sending a Gracefully Yours greeting card is like delivering prayers per Isaiah 55: 10.





Of the 7 Billion greeting cards sent in the United States each year, only a tiny fraction have Scripture included. We want  to start a movement to correct that to God’s glory! Now,  join with other local churches across the United States to help us get Scripture cards into our communities. Our new program is like your church having its own Scripture greeting card manufacturer--beautiful cards at the lowest cost of any national manufacturer--Period! Let me explain...


This means you can now have your members send the stunning work of over 45 world class artists  used exclusively in Scripture greeting cards--and save them a ton of money in the process! And it doesn’t matter where they are currently buying their cards at Dollar stores, Walmarts or Walgreens.


Build Church Unity On Something Your Members Are Already Doing-- Every Month!


Gracefully-Yours has been serving the USA in manufacturing greeting cards with Bible verses embedded for over 12 years. Because of COVID-19, we feel that God is sending the world a special, timely message.


As God uses your members to combine His words and their words, God works in lives. Still only two ways for any of us to communicate in this high-tech age--via the written word and the spoken word!


Hence we have prayerfully decided to make it easier and more economical for local churches to encourage members to make the ‘encouragement’ of one another an increasing part of their lives. And Scripture cards  have the ‘staying power’ to keep on ministering--with eternity’s values in view!


Your members do send a lot of cards out already. Fully 90% of all households in the U.S. are card senders! Gracefully-Yours has initiated this ministry for your church to use-- to create a lasting ministry--at the LOWEST COST OF ANY COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE GREETING CARD COMPANY IN AMERICA!


Our Focus: To Help Local Churches Help Their Members Minister Encouragement with Grace and Joy Towards One Another...Throughout the Year!  


Here’s How The Church-wide Connection Ministry Works…


  1. Choose from the entire Gracefully-Yours selection on our site with occasions ranging from Birthday, Anniversary, All Occasion, Blank, Encouragement, Get Well, Praying for You, Thinking of You, Sympathy,  Thanks, Easter, Graduation, Thanksgiving --and others. 

  2. While the average retail price for cards now exceeds $3.00, your price will be under 42 cents per card!

  3. Each Gracefully Yours card is crafted by America’s top artists, featuring four color interiors and a custom fold line. Sold individually at $2.49, these cards of superior quality that your congregation will be pleased to send--and recipients receive the message with Scripture!

Here’s How To Order Your First  Sample Selection


There Are Three, Below-Wholesale Sample Packs for Your Church To Explore!


Look over the Gracefully-Yours site with an assistant or someone who sends greeting cards. Order your 20, 30 or 40-box Sample Pack by SKU#. Call Rick Tocquigny at 303-324-6298 for your exclusive discount code. It’s that simple. We only ask that you be careful in sharing your code, fair enough? OK!


  1. Quick Review Sample Pack
    20 Assorted Boxes, all occasions, Bestsellers--240 Cards @ $597.60 Retail 
    Quick Review Sample Pack Just $105.00 (Free Shipping) 
  1. Whole-Church Sample Pack
    30 Assorted Boxes of our Bestsellers--360 Cards @ $896.40 Retail  
    Whole-Church 30-Box Sample Pack Only $147.00 (Free Shipping)
  1. Whole-Church Premium Sample Pack
    40 Assorted Boxes of our Bestsellers--480 Cards @ $1,195 Retail
    Whole-Church Premium Sample Pack Just $192.00 (Free Shipping)

Got questions?  Call us at 303-324-6298. We will give you your special Sample Pack Code for whichever size of sample pack you want to start with! 

First step, email Rick your Church name, shipping address, email, telephone number, and contact person.  Next, Rick will call or email you with the special discount code. It’s that easy to get started. 



Already Order from Gracefully-Yours and Want to Get In On This New Connection Ministry?


If you are one of the hundreds of churches who already order from us, you already know the quality of our individual cards, our card stock, our portfolio of  world class artists, but you love this Connection Ministry idea (and also love the special pricing).  So you do not need a sample order! We get it. Order in any of the options listed above to get started!


Suggested Church Strategies for Integrating this Ministry


  • Give the Cards FREE to Members--Or Selected Members--Always at 60% Discount from Even Our Low Everyday Standard Pricing Listed On Our Website!
  • You may have a gospel tract rack or two high traffic areas.  Why not a greeting card rack to encourage members to communicate their concern and/or encouragement with others in your congregation for immediate access? You can attack this Covid ‘aloneness’ people experience!
  • If there is a thought that this type of ‘free access’ would be too burdensome on the church budget, you might keep the rack behind a manned ‘welcome center’ desk or console.
  • Encourage a business owner or two to ‘sponsor’ the rack and a volunteer would be responsible for refilling it. 
  • Minister to your Sunday School teachers with a couple of boxes a month ministering to and keeping track of class members and other attendees and making a lasting ‘one another’ impression with the Gracefully-Yours cards on appropriate occasions.  
  • You can make up a Scripture Card ministry that only focuses on your women’s ministry if you wish! 
  • You can put together a special selection that focuses only on your men’s ministries. You make the call! 
  • The church office may also wish to order small church address/contact labels for members to place on the backs of the cards. This gives a quiet but subtle message of the card’s origin to all who read it! 
  • Consider a stand-alone box or file folder at the church office. You could have your own church Connection Ministry Order Form  that would be in church bulletins, say, at the beginning of each month. Or just place them at your Welcome Center areas for members to pick up.

The options are truly amazing for your church and your ministries to unite your people in developing their own ‘one another’ ministry in your local body of the worldwide church to His glory!


One added note: This may take a volunteer or two for a certain time each Sunday. From our years of experience, we know you will find volunteers that have a heart for this outreach ministry. Our main thrust is NOT to add duties to your church staff, but to allow enthusiastic volunteers to take on the initiative and work with the congregation.


We are very excited to see how the Lord is going to use your church and your creativity in this new and exciting ‘home-grown’ ministry.   


May the Lord bless you and your ministry.


Rick Tocquigny