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February 14, 2021

Thank you Rick!! It is very generous of you to add an extra box of cards!! I love all the “Gracefully Yours” card with beautiful art and meaningful messages and Scripture. 

Bless you, 

About Church Kitchen Ladies and the Roundtable you can join.....

 I sort of "grew up" in and around church kitchens. My mother decorated for and catered the sort of wedding receptions in church fellowship halls that were common in the "Deep South" (South Georgia) in the '60's: just wedding cake, groom's cake, mints, roasted pecans, and punch. Of course this necessitated using the kitchen as a staging area. It was obvious from the very first that success depended on planning ahead with the right people (a.k.a. the church kitchen ladies) and being sure to understand the ground rules in that specific church kitchen. I quickly learned (the hard way) that rearranging storage or using items that had not been agreed upon was decidedly NOT a good idea. I also learned that church kitchen ladies knew the way their church's hierarchy REALLY worked and (once you had established genuine rapport with them) could put you in touch with the right people to resolve whatever problem/concern arose. This knowledge has proved invaluable through the years as I've worked with youth groups, Vacation Bible School, church preschool, etc.


About the free gift received with every order- 

Rick, this is pretty cool. Felt God telling me I need to write down more things when I spend time with Him and the Word -- this gift was an answer to prayers :)   Jill.... February 16, 2020

Church Kitchen Ladies

I got one of your cards from a very special friend and I have fell in LOVE with them!  I send cards to special ladies at my church but none are as cute and heartwarming as these are.  I'll be placing an order soon but I wanted you to know that finding these cards has made my day.  Have a good day!   Linda February 18, 2020

I absolutely love these cards and look forward to sending them out and also purchasing more for some of my church ladies friends. These cards are special to me because I can so relate to the day to day life designs and especially the scriptures. It’s like they were designed especially for me and my friends. 
Looking forward in the future to ordering more for special occasions for me and my friends. 
Ann Peacock


Birthday Petals Melissa Gannon - Melissa is very talented. I really appreciate great art work with a Christian message – Jean - 02/17/18

Card Sets

Birthday - Joyful Days featuring favorite nostalgic toys - I have been a fan of these cards for a long time-the verse is just perfect! Someone knows how to write a greeting card!  Mary - 02/28/18

Birthday Cards #131 - I love these Happy Camper Birthday cards. They bring back memories I have from when I was a child! Thank you! - Kathryn - 10/02/17

Birthday Church Kitchen Ladies Three Times a Lady - Enjoy giving these cards to friends - they love them! Always brings a smile! - Brenda – 05/04/17 

General Reviews

Excellent product !!!! - I love everything about this company! The lovely images, their spot on verse, and the complete interiors are unlike the big box brands that only crank out stale, tired, and overused images. This is the only product anyone should ever buy!! - Victor 02/14/18

Beautiful - Great selection of beautiful Christian cards: birthday, anniversary, thank you, etc. We absolutely love these! - Trinity - 12/14/17 

Best cards in the world! - These beautiful cards have color interiors-you never find that even on a papyrus $8 card! - Jodi - 12/13/17

Beautiful Unique card sets - Very high quality! Love these card - 12/07/17

Perfect in every way - I have had to use several of these cards this week...and in each instance, the photo and sentiment was PERFECT! I will probably be ordering this set again soon. Everything from this company is always impeccable and on point. I am a huge fan! - Nancy - 10/14/17

I always love your cards - From the quality of paper you use to the applicable messages to the beautiful photo work. Thank you for your contribution to my card ministry! - Ann – 8/31/2017

Beautiful - These cards are beautiful on the outside and inside. Special comforting words and Scripture. We send them to our church members who are experiencing the death of a loved one. - Gary – 7/17/2017

Delightful Cards - I was very pleased to open my box of cards from you...more than I expected in quality, quantity & the price, & I've already used 3 or 4 in just a few days. I will want to keep your name on the list for further orders. I'm so glad I discovered you via a birthday card my Mom received from our hometown church's pastor. I read the info on the back, went on-line to do a little research, & now I'm your customer! Thank you for making it happen! - Donna – 6/25/2017

Thankful - So thankful to find exactly what I was looking for in boxed cards and to get them so quickly after I ordered them. What are Gracefully Yours card senders are saying? - Rhonda

Catchy title - Good variety for covering many situations where one wants to send thoughts. Love the retro/nostalgic pictures. - Carol – 05/09/17

Nail on the head - These cards hit the nail on the head better than any that I have seen! They are simply perfect! - john – 04/18/17

Widely applicable  - It can be so hard to find a card with the right words to address a loss. This card does so with compassion and dignity.

These Cards Truly ARE a Comfort! - These cards are exceptional in quality of production AND in content. The words are perfect...the pictures are beautiful and serene...and these cards are sure to provide solace to anyone who receives them. Another great product from this company!  D.

Awesome product! - There is no other inspirational product as well written, with amazing full color interiors, and fabulous art as Gracefully Yours! I was overwhelmed!! - Mary - 06/25/18 

"Gracefully Yours cards are great and with very good service....especially enjoy that you have free shipping. Makes it a wonderful web site to get your needs."  Linda – 02/07/17

Nice verses and the art work was pleasing to the eye. - Dina – 05/16/17

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