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Gracefully Yours

Birthday- The Creator's Hand #293 (The Passion Translation)

Birthday- The Creator's Hand #293 (The Passion Translation)

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#293 Birthday- The Creator's Hand
Featuring Wisconsin fine artist Mark DePuydt

These four best selling images from fine artist Mark "Muggs" DePuydt, winner of The International Christian Art competition, are now featured on Gracefully Yours birthday cards. Under the theme of The Creators's Hand, this art includes the hidden hand of God in all designs along with the ever-inspirational Passion Translation Scripture that is written with love and grace.

Card A Inside: And God saw everything that he made, and behold, it was very good. Genesis 1:31

Page 3: God’s fingerprints are everywhere…Hope you have the kind of birthday that feels like it was made just for you. Happy Birthday

Card B Inside: Give thanks to the Creator who made the heavens with Wisdom. Psalm 136:5

Page 3: Celebrating our very wise friend on your special day.   Happy Birthday

Card C Inside: Praise Him for He is beautiful. Psalm 135:3

Page 3: Some days we see God’s brushstrokes…Hope you have the kind of birthday that feels like it was painted just for you!  Happy Birthday

Card D Inside: He is the God that chose us. Psalm 136:23

Page 3: Wishing you a day bursting with memories. May you get caught up in joy and happiness today and always. Happy Birthday

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